Pastor Libin Abraham- Head Youth Pastor
Phone: (423) 240-9125

Occupation: Pastor is responsible to the church for providing spiritual and administrative leadership of the church; and is to uses his skills in proclamation and pastoral care to meet the needs of persons in the church and community.

Gideon Abey- Head of Technology
Phone: (713) 397-5799

Substantial and broad management of digital media and in leading and organising technical development and media operations.

Ruby Amare- Band Director
Phone: (832) 859-2910

Occupation: In charge of all aspects of church music programs and keeps the band menbers on tempo and helps guide them in expressing the music properly. She is in charge of all rehearsals and must pass on her musical knowledge and expertise to all players.
Issam Amare- Head of Missions
Phone: (832) 964-5666

Occupation: This director oversees and directs the missions ministry of the church under the leadership of the pastor and church leaders for the purpose of missions and outreach.

Fafi Kefele- Head of Conferences & Extracurricular Acvities
Phone: (832) 298-9678

Occupation: The Head of Conferences and Extracurricular Acvities is responsible for managing the arrangements needed for each conference. This includes the facility, food, handouts or giveaways, and technology needed by the speakers.